We believe in thinking outside of the box to create innovative products.  We’re always striving to improve and produce the highest quality products for our customers.  Quality and innovation drive us.


The idea for our flagship product Disc Raptor “The Ultimate Disc Golf Cleaning Tool” started with a simple question.  “Why isn’t there a better tool to clean and dry your discs?”  I was frustrated with how a towel would smear mud and dirt around my discs.  While playing a round of disc golf the idea hit me.  When I finished my round I quickly jotted down some notes on the back of my disc.  I was really excited and knew I might have something big.  The basic concept was there, a pocket of some shape with a curved spine and material to scrub away dirt and moisture.

In my spare time I started to make prototypes by hand in the garage.  I frequently went to Home Depot and Dollar Tree to cannibalize products to make prototypes.  I used mops, sheets of abs, dusters, PEX, synthetic turf, door mats, sponges, yoga mats, rip stop nylon, cotton towels.  After many different designs I had the one I liked best.  The working prototype was a half-circle pocket with synthetic turf on the spine and microfiber chenille on both sides of the pocket.  I remember playing a round of disc golf and using the prototype and saying to myself “This is it!!”  

I filed a non-provisional patent application in 2018 and was granted a utility patent in January 2021.  I decided to run a crowdfunding campaign in August 2022.  We were able to raise over $48,000 from 1118 backers.  In February of 2023 we started mailing out orders and in March our website went live.  

We have already improved on our first version of the Disc Raptor by adding a more robust loop for hanging on your bag.  To date we have sold over 7000 units and have countless satisfied customers.  I’m thrilled to be able to give something back to the sport I love.  Thanks to everyone for your support and be on the lookout for more great things from us.